Specific rule to outlaw secret commissions

Racing Australia CEO Peter McGauran has announced further reforms to the integrity, animal welfare and business practices of the Australian Thoroughbred Industry.

Excerpts of the Racing Australia press release, listing a wide-range of reforms including a new rule on secret commissions, follow;

Recent cases involving secret commissions have served to bring racing into disrepute.  Although Australian Rule of Racing AR.175(a) makes it an offence to engage in a “dishonest, corrupt, fraudulent, improper or dishonourable action or practice in connection with racing”, Racing Australia believes that a specific rule outlawing secret commissions is required to maintain public confidence in the industry.

Accordingly, the Board of Racing Australia will consider the introduction of a new rule that will apply to the selling and trading of all Thoroughbreds.  The new rule will be in line with proposed measures to bring forward transparency of ownership from birth of a foal to capture all those involved in the dealing of Thoroughbreds.