The FBAA Mentorship Program will provide aspiring bloodstock agents with a professional development experience by giving them an opportunity to shadow an FBAA member in a part-time capacity for two months. The mentorship will combine practical office-based placements, agent shadowing at the sales as well as remote learning.

The mentorship program will support the FBAA Strategic Plan to create definitive and formal pathways into the bloodstock industry as well as fostering education and encouraging best practice.

Program Objectives

  • Educate mentees about best practice in the industry. Through structured work placement and mentorship engagement, mentees will gain insights and expertise from experienced FBAA members, equipping them with a base level of knowledge and skills to enhance their careers.
  • Promote principles of integrity, accountability, and ethics. Mentees will be exposed to the FBAA Code of Ethics from the outset of their careers in the industry.
  • Formalise a pathway to becoming a qualified bloodstock agent.
  • Build an easily implementable and scalable mentorship model. The program will develop a robust mentorship framework that can be easily replicated and scaled.

Expected Outcomes

  • A value-adding industry program that will foster the development of skilled professionals in the bloodstock industry by attracting new talent and nurturing their growth.
  • Promotion of integrity across the industry: Participants will uphold ethical standards and best practices, positively impacting the reputation of the profession and the industry.
  • Assistance with career progression for aspiring bloodstock agents. The mentorship program provides a formal platform for FBAA members to give something back to the industry and the profession.
  • Establishment of a flexible and sustainable mentorship program.

Proposed Structure

The Mentorship Program will span a period of two months, combining various modes of engagement. The program will include:

  • Face-to-face, online, and telephone meetings – mentors and mentees will engage in regular discussions to exchange knowledge, guidance, and feedback.
  • Office-based work placements – mentees will have the opportunity to gain practical experience by working alongside professionals in an office setting, either physically or remotely.
  • Agent shadowing/assisting at sales – mentees will accompany FBAA agents during sales events, observing and participating in various aspects of the selection, buying, and selling process.
  • Theoretical submission – mentees will need to submit a written assignment to the FBAA Board to demonstrate their learning across the program.


To alleviate pressure on stud farms, racing stables and FBAA members, it is proposed that the mentorship program will take place during the Magic Millions National Yearling sale and the Inglis Great Southern Sale and conclude before the commencement of the breeding season. This timeline will allow for optimal commitment from all parties involved.

  • Applications open Friday 1 March 2024.
  • Applications close on Friday March 29, 2024.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by Monday 15 April 2024.
  • The Bloodstock Mentorship Program spans a duration of two months, commencing on Saturday June 1, 2024, and concludes Wednesday July 31, 2024.


The Mentorship Program will be overseen by the Board of the FBAA and the individual mentorships executed by FBAA Members.


The Board are looking for applicants with;

  • Two years of practical hands-on horsemanship experience at stud farms and/or racing stables.
  • Aspirations to pursue a career in the bloodstock industry and a commitment to expanding knowledge and expertise within the field of bloodstock.
  • Ability and appetite to conduct research, complete written tasks, work safely around horses and follow instructions.
  • Proficiency with computer software including Microsoft office and industry specific software databases.
  • All applicants must also be willing to participate in interviews either online or in-person as well as commit to making themselves available for key dates/hours during the two-month program.


Applications must be addressed to The Board of the Federation of Bloodstock Agents Australia. Online applications can be submitted through the FBAA website. Applications can also be emailed to and must include a copy of the participant’s current CV as well as two industry character references. The applicant is encouraged to tell The Board why they would like to be considered for the program and to expand on their career aspirations.

Mentorship Program cost

The cost of flights and accommodation for mentees to attend the Magic Millions National yearling Sale and Inglis Great Southern Sale will be covered by the FBAA.

Qualification and Acknowledgement

At the conclusion of the mentorship, a qualification process will be conducted to assess the mentee’s progress and ensure the objectives of the program have been met. A formal acknowledgment will be provided to mentees, recognising their successful completion of the mentorship.

About the FBAA

The Federation of Bloodstock Agents Australia Limited was formed in 1988 to maintain, improve and develop the standards, integrity, and services of Bloodstock Agents throughout Australia, ensuring clients are best represented in all business dealings.

The Federation of Bloodstock Agents Australia (FBAA) is a leading organization committed to advancing excellence and integrity in the bloodstock industry. With a focus on education and professional development, FBAA empowers its members to thrive in thoroughbred breeding and trading.


To apply fill out the downloadable Application Form and email it to or fill out the Digital Form and submit online:

Or use the digital form below (all the fields are required):



    Please send the request before 5pm (AEDT) Friday 29th March 2024.

    Applications will be reviewed by the Board of the FBAA with the successful applicates notified by Monday 15th April 2024.