The Membership criteria for the Federation are:

  1. Members’ public facing role is as an independent bloodstock agent based in Australia, who buy and/or sell thoroughbred horses on behalf of multiple clients in exchange for a commission and not an employee of a specific company/client that they solely act for.
  2. Members must have sufficient relevant professional experience in the thoroughbred industry.
  3. Members must have shown to be of sound character and previously demonstrated a good standard of behaviour and integrity in all business dealings.
  4. Members must agree to comply with the FBAA Code of Ethical Conduct.

Members must review their eligibility for Membership annually and agree their personal and business endeavors comply with this criteria by signing a FBAA Membership Agreement. Members must disclose if their circumstances change and they no longer fit the membership criteria, thereby relinquishing Membership.

Each Sale company will hold an Associate Member position and is required to nominate an employee to attend one meeting per annum.

Each application for new members will be included on the Agenda of the next scheduled Board meeting for discussion by the Directors and acceptance for membership will require agreement of those Directors present or by proxy.

Complaints of Member eligibility will be referred to the Complaints Advisory Panel, who will determine if the Member is eligible.

Members must annually attend, in person or via video stream, 50% of FBAA meetings held each year. If this attendance record is not reached, the Member must show cause as to why they should remain a Member.

Application for Membership

For membership to the Federation of Bloodstock Agents Australia Limited we require that your proposer (being an existing member) applies in writing to the President stating that you meet all the membership criteria and you have been seconded by a further member of the Association.

An online Membership Application Form should also be completed by the Applicant.

There is a joining fee of $3,000 per member plus an annual subscription fee which is currently $1,200 per annum.