Are you interested in a career as a bloodstock agent? 

The core function of a bloodstock agent is to research, assess and purchase horses on behalf of clients. Bloodstock agents must have strong client relation skills and an outstanding knowledge of thoroughbred breeding, horse conformation and value.

Agents may also syndicate horses and must have the appropriate accreditation to do so which includes obtaining an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and becoming an approved promoter with your State’s racing authority. 

Bloodstock agents generally work on a commission basis or maybe employed by owners or trainers on a retainer. The standard commission rate for bloodstock agents when purchasing on behalf of clients is between 5-8% of the purchase price.

The path to becoming a bloodstock agent is not necessarily a fixed one with specific qualifications. However, general business skills and knowledge of equine science are beneficial. Some major bloodstock auction houses may offer cadet roles to train people in bloodstock fundamentals. Each State’s racing authority may also provide training opportunities, mostly via TAFE equine and agriculture related courses.  

If purchasing an internationally based horse to bring to Australia, you may also be subject to quarantine expenses, customs fees and levies and other related costs. 

Your FBAA accredited bloodstock agent will be able to assist you further in understanding these expenses and working them into your thoroughbred purchasing budget.
For more information and guidance on working in the Bloodstock industry, visit TB Indsutry Careers