The Australian Pattern

The current disregard for the Pattern in Australian race planning is one of great concern for all industry participants. The Federation of Bloodstock Agents Australia (FBAA) is strongly in support of continuing the Pattern of Australian racing, in accordance with international standards. The FBAA calls on Racing Australia and the State PRAs to protect the future sustainability and relevance of the Australian thoroughbred industry by resolving the current stalemate in Pattern planning.

The Pattern, and associated ‘black type’, ensures the Australian racing product has international relevance and context. It creates value in bloodstock and pedigrees for the benefit of owners, trainers, breeders, bloodstock agents and many other racing participants.

We acknowledge there is vagaries within the current Pattern that need to be resolved in a collaborative manner, with an allowance for accommodating positive innovations. Withstanding that, it is vitally important that the Australia Pattern stays within the international standards set out by International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) with specific reference to International Grading & Race Planning Advisory Committee (IRPAC).

Thoroughbreds are an international commodity and investors need security in consistent standards. If innovations are not balanced with consultation and consideration for international standards, then Australia risks becoming isolated from the rest of the world, which will have extremely detrimental ramifications for the entire Australian thoroughbred industry.