The benefits of using a Bloodstock Agent

When looking to invest in the stock market, it pays dividends to seek the right advice. A substantiated and well researched plan on where to place your capital investment reduces risk and ensures a better decision is made.

This is similar to purchasing a thoroughbred. There are a number of people who can act on your behalf such as a trainer, syndicator or bloodstock agent. However, much like a stock market investment, utilising the services of a reputable bloodstock agent has significant advantages to protect you through the buying process and ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

Guidance and advice: A skilled bloodstock agent has the ability to offer independent, accurate and detailed advice on your thoroughbred investment. It is important to have an unbiased and professional view on the type of horse to purchase and which trainer will be best suited for you and the particular horse. 

Access to research: Comparable to a stock broker following economic market tends around the world; a professional bloodstock agent is across updates and developments in racing, breeding and other thoroughbred sectors domestically and internationally. It is essential to have detailed knowledge on emerging stallions, production records of farms and pedigrees insights to make the best decision.

Achieve your goals: Using a full-service bloodstock agency will ensure you have an opportunity to determine a long-term strategy for your thoroughbred portfolio based on your goals and ambitions. This includes budgeting, deciding where to have horses in training, when to trade, whether to buy colts or fillies etc. 

Make informed decisions: Proven bloodstock agents will often view in excess of 6000 horses in a calendar year, from yearlings to broodmares, all over the world. This ensures their knowledge on physical type and pedigree attributes best suited to racing success is constantly honed and enhanced.

Allocate appropriate time: A bloodstock agent is dedicated to the task of buying and selling thoroughbreds. As this is the primary focus, a significant amount of time can be devoted to inspecting horses at auction or on farms, conduct detailed pedigree research and analyse current statistics.  

If engaging the services of a bloodstock agent is something you are interested in, it is highly recommended that you use a member of the Federation of Bloodstock Agents Australia.