What is the role of a Bloodstock Agent?

The core function of a bloodstock agent is to provide professional advice to clients for their bloodstock investment decisions.  Generally this involves drawing on their knowledge and experience, significant research and physically assessing horses to provide clients with the best information to make an informed decision on their bloodstock investment.

Bloodstock agents must have strong client relation skills, an outstanding knowledge of thoroughbred breeding, racing, horse conformation and value.  

Bloodstock agents generally work on a commission basis and are utilized by owners, trainers and breeders to assist them in the decision making process and facilitate the buying and/or selling of horses on their behalf.

Services offered by bloodstock agents include;

·  Auction Representation: Representing clients to advise and purchase through public auction.

· Private Sale: Representing clients to either buy or sell through private treaty.

· Valuations: Providing written valuations for insurance, legal cases, partnership disputes or settlements.

· Matings: Providing mating advice for broodmare owners and arranging the stallion service booking.

·  Management: Managing client’s racing and/or breeding portfolios.

· Stallion Sales: Facilitating and negotiating the sale of stallions to stud farms. 

· Consultancy: Providing all forms of general bloodstock consultancy.